The Major League Baseball Players Trust Launches COVID-19 Relief Program and Joins the Campaign to Protect The Heroes

NEW YORK, April, 28––The Major League Baseball Players Trust today launched its COVID-19 Relief Program and announced alignment with Protect The Heroes as an initial effort to support and relieve communities significantly affected by COVID-19.

The Players Trust will be joining the campaign to Protect The Heroes through an immediate commitment of $150,000. Protect The Heroes was developed by The Creative Coalition, the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, and the American Hospital Association. The sole mission of Protect The Heroes is to raise funds for critical hospital resources to support the needs of physicians, nurses and caregivers who are treating coronavirus patients.

The Protect The Heroes platform allows direct donations to hospitals and other healthcare organizations of the donor’s choice. Every dollar is used by hospitals and other healthcare organizations to fund the fight against COVID-19. The Players Trust contribution will help support hospitals across the United States.

“During this very difficult time, it has become obvious that the real heroes among us are those who answer the call when disaster strikes,” said Adam Ottavino of the Yankees. “The Protect The Heroes campaign will aid the physicians, nurses, and caregivers who sacrifice daily for the benefit of all of us. My family and I are proud to support it.”

Added Todd Frazier of the Texas Rangers, “It’s important for us all to unite in support of our first responders and those working on the frontline. I’m excited that the Players Trust is another way for players to join the campaign to protect the real heroes.”

The Players Trust’s COVID-19 Relief effort is intended to complement the work major leaguers from around the globe are doing to support causes that are important to them, including through their personal charities or in partnership with organizations they care about.

Whether showcased publicly, or done privately, these individual and group efforts make a great impact, and the Players Trust is proud to do its part to support them.

The Creative Coalition, the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, and the American Hospital Association are the driving forces behind the Protect The Heroes campaign.

“The Creative Coalition is so proud to stand alongside the Major League Baseball Players Trust to Protect The Heroes and help local hospitals get urgently needed supplies and support services to fight COVID-19,” said The Creative Coalition’s CEO, Robin Bronk. “We commend the Players Trust for its support and deep generosity that will help take this campaign to the next level and save lives.”

“We are so grateful for the generosity of the players,” said Alice Ayres, President and CEO of AHP, “By joining Protect The Heroes, they are making a powerful statement to us all about how critical it is to support hospitals and other healthcare organizations fight to save people across this country.”

“America’s hospitals and health systems greatly appreciate the support of the Major League Baseball Players Trust in this important effort to get funds to the front lines of this public health crisis,” said Rick Pollack, President and CEO of the American Hospital Association. “Their involvement sends an important message about the value of the local health care organizations that are bearing the brunt in the fight against COVID-19.”

Contact for The Creative Coalition:
Seth Adam

(661) 803-4465

Contact for the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy:
Ifdy Perez

(202) 591-7565

Contact for the American Hospital Association:
Marie Johnson

(202) 626-2351